Thesis progress

A few weeks ago i blogged about my thesis. Now i’m ready to send in my proposal. The subject is the impact of cloud computing on the enterprise architecture. I will position the impact on the Zachman framework. If you take a quick look you expect that the impact is only on the lower layers of Zachman. But my expectation (hypothesis) is that upper lying cells will be affected because of the fact that cloud computing is intended for multiple customers and something like one size fits all doesn’t work in IT.



My detailed expectation is that the physical, as built and functioning layers will be affected, and the logical layer is partly affected.


If you have so nice literature of real life cases please contact me at
remco “dot” boksebeld “at”


At the moment my planning is


As you can see I’m a bit behind on schedule, this is because the first feedback round didn’t go as smoothly as i would like to. but that’s a hint for the next round.

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