Importing citations form google scholar to end note

For my thesis I’m a user of endnote (which i bought for €13 in a student license form surfspot) but endnote doesn’t have a good search engine so i use site like and of course Google scholar. Since ACM is a search engine designed especially for scientific purposes it has a good integration with tools like endnote, but is didn’t saw it in Google scholar. If you follow the next hint Scholar has a import to endnote function as well.

  1. Go to the Google Scholar home page at
  2. Click on the "Scholar Preferences" link.
  3. Under "Bibliography Manager" select the option "Show links to import citations into" and choose "EndNote" in the drop down box.
  4. Click on the "Save Preferences" button.



some nice comparison between reference managers see:



EndNote RefWorks Zotero
Access Desktop client software Web-based Desktop software that lives in Firefox web browser
Allows users to share citations No Yes No
Learning curve Takes longer to learn and normally requires training Fairly quick to learn Quick to learn
Where are my files stored Locally to your computer Hosted web server Locally to your computer
Word processing integration Works with Word and with LaTex through BibTex Works with Word through Wrint-N-Cite feature and LaTex through BibTex Works with Word and Open Office and with LaTex through BibTex and Google Docs
Automatic import of publications list into Faculty Activity Report and Faculty Guide Yes Need to export publications list to EndNote Need to export publications list to EndNote
Adding References
Import from online databases Yes Yes Yes
Import web pages Yes Yes Yes
Import from RSS feeds No Yes Yes
Import records from Main Catalog Yes Yes Yes
Import citations from PUL QuickSearch
Types of records you can import (PDF’s, images, etc.) Good for organizing records for artilces and books, PDF’s and other file types Good for organizing records for artilces and books. Books, artilces, patents and webpages. Can also store PDF’s web screenshots files and images in records. You can make PDF’s searchable by choosing to index them in the preferences menu.
Managing and maintaining a large citation library (1,000 records plus) Not complex; EndNote is a good option for maintaining large citation libraries. Not complex; RefWorks can be slightly more cumbersome for managing large libraries. More difficult; takes more time to sort duplicate records and to verify that the records are complete.
How many output styles? Over 1,000 Over 500
Modify and create output styles? Yes Yes No
Can you export your citation library to a different tool? Yes Yes Yes
Strengths Good for organizing citations for long papers and theses. Simple to download records.
Good option for complex major research projects, becuase it offers the most options for customization and formatting. Web-based solution which allows you to access your files from the Internet and does not restrict access to a single workstation. Good for managing a variety of formats including web pages.
Allows users to easily share lists of citations. Offers the most functionality in a free open-source product.
Good for organizing citations for papers.
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