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IREB certification

September 11th, 2011 No comments

KANO model in relation to requirements management

June 1st, 2011 No comments

Our goal when we build software is to help people do their work faster better etc. (think of any quality attribute), so we put tremendous effort in understanding what the user what wants. Next to that we manage those requirements very strict, and build, test and deploy the solution that realizes those requirements. The last […]

What engineering has in common with manufacturing and why it matters

April 28th, 2011 No comments

here is a nice blog post form Alistair Cockburn (author of the book writing effective use-cases) on how software engineering can be compare with manufacturing, and where we can learn. Allstaire gives the conclusion that the stakeholders and project members must be in balance so that there is no over or under capacity He also […]

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Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

April 24th, 2011 No comments

As I mentioned earlier visualization of requirements is key to deliver the desired solution. today I came across the periodic table of visualization methods. This is a framework based on the periodic table of elements from the physics.   This frameworks gives a nice overview on several visualization techniques and for what type of […]

Tips for Presenting Requirements and Deliverables

April 4th, 2011 2 comments

A few days ago I found an very interesting blog post on the presentation of requirements. The post gives 5 tips for presenting requirements which came from a business analyst point of view. The tips are:   1. Establish and Communicate the Purpose 2. Use Visual Artifacts to Display Requirements and Design 3. Understand your […]